Wednesday, May 13, 2009

40:2 "bones of a beautiful day" (Sold)

This is a painting of bones from vial given to me by a really interesting woman that works at the Natural History Museum at Harvard. It is a rodent of some sort. And the vial is labeled "Anna" which always makes me laugh. It was such an amazing day. I saw a 10 ft fossil track that scientists have no idea what kind of creature made it. I got to see Blaschka Glass Models and hundreds of 19th century Taxidermy.

So this is 40:2
40:2 is for sale for $40 to the first response.


  1. This is not anatomy as much as bare-boned beauty. With humor. Skeptical? Not so.

  2. I'll buy the bones, Rebecca. You know I am mad about bones, especially because I can't find mine anymore!

  3. I love this one. Guess I will visit it at Kay's.