Thursday, May 14, 2009


Sea of Galilee is known for its sudden storms, which are caused by moderate easterly or westerly winds. Just as I got into the water, sometime around 3 pm, the winds would start to cause the calm water, to become impossible to swim in. I sat on the edge and listened to the stones tumble onto the shore. The warm sun heading over the mountains beyond Tiberias. The once multi colored brown stones, have become bleached white.
Have you ever tried to hold a moment?
This is 40:3
40:3 is up for sale for $40


  1. I'm glad to see your strong writing accompany your art.

  2. you look so pretty in that picture mom :)
    love the art, you have to paint me something too.
    i am going to start hanging all of your art on my wall next to the candle painting

  3. Those stones are wonderful! Perhaps they go with bones; perhaps not.